About Our Spa

Thai Healing Solutions Spa offers a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, drawing inspiration from Thailand and Western massage techniques. Offering signature Thai Combination Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, and Facial Massage, the spa balances ancient and modern therapies to restore and re-energize the body, mind, and soul. With a range of amenities, the spa provides a deep state of relaxation and peace, making it the premier destination for sanctuary, healing, and renewal —embark on relaxation: secure your spot by booking today.


Signature Programs

Experience our expertly designed massage programs, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring profound relaxation and healing. Our skilled therapists offer diverse techniques to induce deep relaxation, leaving you physically and mentally rejuvenated.
02-Home-Thai Combination

Thai Combination

The massage will combine Thai and Western techniques, focusing on the body's inner chi, acute pressure points, muscle tension, and stretching. It will begin with Thai atshiatsu and end with a relaxing oil massage.

$90 / Hr

03-Home-Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue

Our exclusive signature treatment seamlessly weaves traditional Thai wisdom with deep tissue mastery. Through skilled hands, palms, and elbows, we release muscle tension, restore flexibility, and whisk away the burdens of stress.

$90 / Hr



Cupping Therapy is a natural approach to wellness that uses suction cups to rejuvenate the body, alleviate tension, and improve circulation. The discoloration may occur due to broken blood vessels beneath the skin.

$90 / Hr


Step into our haven of tranquility and experience pure relaxation with our array of massage services. Whether you seek the holistic healing of a Thai massage or the gentle relief of a Swedish massage, we have many more options to offer. Our expert therapists are here to dissolve your stress and elevate your well-being. Your path to serenity starts here—book your blissful escape today.

Facial & Body Treatments

Unveil your radiance and inner glow with us. Enhance your beauty while uplifting your mood through our facial and body treatments. With a variety of add-on services, we personalize your experience to suit your unique needs. Discover the best version of yourself in our care.

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